Thanks for the beautiful bracelet! :D Love it very very much! :P
Grace Ho (tempo4me) 

Hi Ellis,
Have received the bracelet! 

Love it!
Let me decide which one I wanna get and get
Back to u in a while.

Which one will u recommend for good fortune and
Healing of aches? Will like to get 1 for my mum

J&J'smummy (piggy83) 

hi angels,
got my items, they are beauties. thanks

shelllow (shelllow) 

Hi Angels,
I luv ur handmade bracelets, looking forward to ur new creation :-)

babybreath05 (babybreath05)

Hi Angels,
Had received the bracelet, very lovely ...
My sis ask if you have any bracelet to boost up the working relationship or something like this ?

Tracy (tracy_lazy)

Hi angels, 
I have received the bracelet.. 
I loved it. It is really very beautiful.  
J&J'smummy (piggy83) 

Hi ,
Saw ur blog, like most of ur design. :-)
Esp C312, GP 1 & chakra.

worried (worried03)


I've received my previous order and really like them. Thanks so much. 

Would like to order C314 (moonstone and mother of pearl) and C39 (Onyx and black tourmaline). 

Pls confirm if both available and total amt to transfer.
Jewel (jewel15)

Hi angels, 

Thank you for the excellent customer service to ractify the issue, and the bracelets are really lovely and well made. Very pretty mummy with a cute alert and well behaved daughter you have there! =) 

Is there any stones for letting children be more well-behaved? My son is almost 10 months and getting more n more hard to manage. Is starting to cry and throw tantrums to get attention. I really fear he's getting to be more and more spoilt <sigh> 

Btw, would like to order C4 http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_8haSX79BoeQ/TKG219XcIkI/AAAAAAAAARE/6hxlrHsiyQ8/s1600/DSC01000.JPG at the promotion price of $33. Have transferred $33 to you under ref 3239780298. 

Address is the same. :-) 


Thumbs up for your wonderful service and your beautiful crystals. ;) love them to bits