I am writing this because I RECEIVED A HATE MAIL!!! muahaa yes!! Well maybe... not exactly HATE mail...

This lady wrote to me telling me her bracelet elastic band frayed or broke after 2 months of wearing and she accused me of using poor quality material. I explained to her that I do charge $5 for every restring and that the elastic band are same across the board. Means everyone uses the same one.

She then said she will go to a retail store to get it done and asked me WHERE TO GO so that she can see for herself if they too are using the same.

I replied... SURE...

And she send me another email asking me if she was the only person with this problem or my other customers have this problem too.

I told her she was not the only one, however, I do notice the small percentage of people who comes back are the same (they are BTW my PPS customers. PPS= Priority Passenger Status, not because they spend a lot, because of their total trust in me!) As they do have many problems in their lives, who I must add are very committed to make changes and improve their lives! Kudos to that!! Healing only starts when you first acknowledge there is something at the surface to clear!

We all have problems!! I do have have my own sets of Karma to clear... they ALL present themselves in different ways. Its not how BIG is the problem, IT'S how we DEAL with them. Learn the lesson, learn it well, and you will never have to repeat them again.
My customers who returns trust me and share with me their deepest fear/secrets and I am TRULY thankful for that trust!
And I strongly believe the crystals brought them into my life so that I can help them. I am happy when I can put a smile on their faces and give them hope! AND a MIRACLE!
(However, I did not tell her that these customers who came back so often, we became friends and we often kept in touch via SMS).

She then accused me of saying that SHE has a lot of problems and that as a spiritual person I shouldn't be making so much money and that I was MERCENERY!!

"I wouldn't say its a workmanship fault but more of the quality of the string that you use. Probably its a tactic to earn more $$? I can't help noticing how you jack up your prices after the first few successful BPs sales. If you are really of such a spiritual background, I can't help but ponder if you should be less mercenery?"

"I shall look forward to see how your biz flourish!"
I thanked her for her well wishes though.

This is WHY I am writing this!

Many people feel that a spiritual person should behave like an ANGEL!! Even if their house got robbed, they should just accept it!
Since you are so spiritual means your life is perfect!

Let me explain this first point! As the saying goes, there is no such thing as FREE lunch. And money is a very good way to break karma or energy exchange. A spiritual person is also a human being living on this earth trying to make ends meet. The more you have, the more you give! The more you have so that you can share with your brothers and sisters. My family and I do donate to Charity, not on a regular basis but occasionally... Which of course SHE did not have to know and I am not trying to prove anything here. This is how the Law of the Universe works.... the more you share, the more you get.... BUT your intentions need to be right... you cannot have JUST the intention to give because you want to receive.. its sounds rather contridicitng... YOU get my point though, right?

DIVINE order, HUMAN crisis! That's what you get into when you enter spirituality!! lots of clearing means lots of crisis!

As for the prices, I have explained myself very clearly in my blog. That I would like to keep items exclusive and they are in very limited quantity. I do also offer Free items with certain amount of sales. All my crystals are cleansed and charged ~ I have to channel the energy (Angelic Reiki) to tune your crystals to suit your needs.

When I offered to re string her bracelet, she declined by saying "at this junction, I wouldn't dream of handing over my crystals for you to do the re string. I would be scared of wat kind of spirits will come back with the crystals. I shall try my luck at retail stores."

I did offer her a refund but she too declined!

"I think as a seller, the least you could have done is to suggest alternatives like going for metal clasp etc, but no, you choose to influence pple to believe that the fraying is due to some spiritual power of having a less that rosy life? so i think in your case, since you are so well versed in all these stuff, you should be free from worries, troubles or any mishaps/accidents in life?"

My daughter just got discharged from the hospital! I am not spared by the human torture either!!!
I went through a depression.... twice and I survived it! Making me a stronger person and a stronger will to live!!! I asked God to please dispense me of my misery and bring me home!! Obviously, He did not listen as I AM still here!!!
My husband and I were not on talking terms for almost a year.... 
and the list goes on....
Do I have a rosy life?? NO!!!

I take each day at a time... thanking God for every experience so that my SOUL can grow.... 
The Soul rejoices when there are challenges and lessons to be learned....
The HUMAN rejoiced when there is NOTHING to be learned.

What do I get at the end of all these HUMAN suffering???
I ascend, hopefully, so that I do not have to return this human body and go through the lessons again!! Basically, as the Buddhist term, get out of the WHEELS of REINCARNATION!

Anyway, upon receiving her email, I was triggered for some reason. And I calmed down and reflected.
Its true! Many people think that just because you are a spiritual person you NEED to be nice and all!!! I never forced anyone to think just like me. I merely say what I feel. And in this case, she asked and I replied but she could not accept my answers. 

I have a new method of re string with will be break and it cost $10 to re sting. $5 was already too much for her... elastic band is the best for daily usage. So what alternatives is she expecting?

Her reply" Well, you are supposed to be the expert in this field so I would have thot u r the best person to suggest alternative, my example of metal clasp is just an illustration."

I probably should do it for FREE that was the alternative I think!

Also to add, for collection 5 I was giving away FREE registered mail and I totally forgot. I sent out her items via normal mail. Which for some reason was not delievered to her... till now... lost!
I send out another one without any questions to her again... REGISTERED MAIL!!!

What an interesting start of the week! 

Its FULL MOON tomorrow by the way.... lots of clearing energy coming in!!! So maybe that is why this incident has to happen!!!

The moment I released this episode, I had a few Enquiries. So, Should I thank her for her well wishes??? muahahaaa.......

Nonetheless, Every thing happens for a REASON. 


~ that's a PROMISE!