Quartz crystal - symbolizes power and authority, and is said to help enhance brain function and give peace of mind.

Black tourmaline - said to help repel negative energy from other people. Can be used against those who easily get jealous or hold grudges. 

Blue sodalite - symbolizes friendship and unity.

Rose quartz - among the best-selling crystals in the country. Known as love stones, these are said to help control emotions, develop self-confidence and give comfort to those who are heartbroken. 

Emerald rock - helps attract unconditional love -- whether it be from relatives, friends, colleagues or employees.

Garnet - strengthens one's commitments with other people

Amber - a victory stone that symbolizes renewal of marriage vows and fulfillment of promises. Ideal for couples whose relationships are under threat.

Citrine - promises luck in terms of money, business and career.

Amethyst - lessen stress, tension and depression, help cure insomnia, and prevent nightmares.

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