The past week has been very traumatic for me because my youngest daughter, 6 months old, was admitted to hospital. 
Her fever did not subside despite giving her medicine and sponging her. Her fever went up as high as 39.8 degrees. My poor baby! She felt like a HOT IRON!

I brought her to her PD and she did some tests. The tests showed that she had excessive WHITE BLOOD CELLS, means my poor little baby was fighting some kind of bacteria!!! None of us at home are sick. The PD was very shocked and surprised. She suggested to admit my baby in the hospital so that she can be closely monitored and more tests can be done.  However, I decided to bring her home as my husband was not back from his overseas trip and I needed to make arrangements for someone to look after my eldest daughter. Plus, really I was caught off guard.

That night, my friend and I gave her healing. We saw her as a perfect being and she was cover with the most brilliant white light. And that night her fever did not return. So I thought she has recovered! Unfortunately, latter in the morning her fever came back again.

She was admitted to the hospital the next day. Her PD said her stay will be at least 3 days and maximum 5 days!!!

On the first day when she was admitted, I saw a lot of white light and beings in the room. I asked my friend if she saw it too and she said yes.... I knew that My baby was in good hands and healing was done for her by the DIVINE beings.

My baby was discharged on the 2nd day!

Morale of the story is:

Even though you know that the person is ill, always see that the person is perfect and healthy.
If you keep thinking in your mind that person is ill, you will only give that person MORE negativity and enhance the fact that he/she is ill.
Energy follows thought!
Visualize that every cell in the body is as healthy and perfect as it should be!
We are perfect in every way!
God made us perfect and healthy just like him!

Instead of using water to sponge my little one, I used my Selenite wand.... The wand was able to take heat away and it turned colour!!! How amazing!!!