Loads of FREE Crystals to be given for the workshop.
FREE deck of Angel Cards when you sign up for 2 workshops together!!

Have a magical experience with the angels
This Workshop is for those who are ready to step out of their comfort zone and making positive changes in their lives. The Angels are everywhere waiting to walk this journey with you. You do not have to be alone and be afraid. All you need to do is ASK... It really is that simple.
How Can This Workshop Help You:
You will be receiving 2 very powerful Activations:
~ Trust your inner hearing to receive Angelic and DIVINE messages.
~ Activating a pair of HEALING HANDS.
You will be learning:
~ How to see aura and Protect your own aura.
~ What are Chakras and how to cleanse your Chakra.
~ How to do Basic Angel Cards Reading.
~ Asking specific questions and receiving answers
~ Learn how to communicate with your Angels to receive Healing messages.
~ Learn how to invoke the healing Angels for Self Healing and for Loved ones.
Date:  19th February 2011 ( Saturday)
Time: 11am - 5pm
Venue: Sin Ming
Energy Exchange: $350  
(Sign up 1 week before start date to enjoy EARLY BRID rate: $300)
Learn HOW to do an ANGEL CARDS reading for you and your loved ones.

Do you have questions , you find hard to ask?

Do you wish to develop your intuitive abilities?

Do you have a yearning to help others with Divine guidance?

If your answer is yes to any or all of the questions, then
ANGEL GUIDANCE CARD READING workshop is for you.

In this 1 day workshop you will:

-Be guided to gently connect with the ANGELIC REALMS.
-Be able to powerfully expand your psychic abilities.
-Learn how to do a true and precise reading for yourself and others.

It will become an inherent tool in your spiritual growth.
The consultation with DIVINE ANGELS will only be a shuffle away.
So join us for this exciting workshop......full of untapped possibilities.
Date:  20th February 2011 ( Sunday)
Time: 11am - 5pm
Venue: Sin Ming
Energy Exchange: $350  (Sign up 1 week before start date to enjoy EARLY BRID rate: $300)
Minimum: 4 participants
Maximum: 8 participants
Sign up 2 classes together to enjoy special rate $500. ($100 discount)
Bring another friend to enjoy a further $50 off - $450. (Total Savings $250)
For more information please email:
.....Book your seat now! To have an ANGELIC experience.....
About the Facilitator Elyse:
Elyse is from a family of spiritual background. From her Grand aunt to her mother and now she is the 3rd generation who has inherited this gift. Even her 5 year old daughter is displaying gifts of natural healing hands.
Elyse is a certified Angel Practitioner and Angel Intuitive, personally trained by Doreen Virtue Ph.d and her son, Charles Virtue. She is also an Angelic Reiki Master.
For the Past 10 years she has led an ungrounded life as a flight attendant. Living a life of drinking and partying.
She has gone through depression twice. Once after her eldest daughter was born. And the 2nd time was after she just conceived her 2nd daughter. This was because she just left her job as a flight attendant hoping to start her spiritual business. Surviving on only one income, and the continuous flow of bills to settle and there were days where there was only $1 in her bank. It was really hard to cope emotionally and physically!
Her friend once asked her if Spirituality has helped her life in any way. The answer was NO to her! There were so much tests and clearing and it seemed like it was never going to end. It was just too much for the human body to take.
Today, with much patience and constant assurance from the Angels, Elyse now runs 2 businesses, Crystal Healing Jewellery ( and her other passion, Clothing line (Love Angels Loft). Both were started with the intention to help women feel and look good about themselves.
Elyse has helped many women regained their confidence about themselves and has taught them the meaning of SELF LOVE. She continues to spread this LOVE around.
+65 9002 2172