Are you sleeping well!??
Sleeping for 8-12 hours but still feeling TIRED??
Do you feel drained
and get tired easily?? 
Do you feel
angry at yourself but don't know why??
Do you have difficulties in expressing yourself?? 

If your answer is YES to 3 or more questions, 

CRYSTAL Therapy can help you to reenergize your body system, realign your chakras so that you can make your dreams into reality.
Seal any leakage in your AURA..

Most of all, helps bring
INNER peace!!
Experience that euphoric state and the blissful and relaxed sensation.

Most people feel lighter after the session. As if as a whole load of burden and stress being released out of their body system.

You will have a clearer mind and thus be more focused in life!!

Have you encounter after speaking to someone crying and pouring her heart out seems to be filled with energy after talking to you.
And you are completely zapped out. Feeling more tired before the conversation?
If your answer is YES... You need to protect your own auric field. To prevent it from leaking. And be able to empathaize with the person and still keep your energy.

These people who feel energized after speaking to you because they have 'stolen' your energy. I doubt they realize or even mean too.

You may wear Kyanite, Obsidian, Onyx, Tiger's Eye, Hematite for protection. Or simply have a small piece of Selenite with you.

Thank you for reading and have a GREAT day everyone!!! :-) :-)

..... some EXPERIENCES to share.....

Hi angels (angels_loft),
Many thanks for the crystal therapy session this afternoon.

I must say the session was great!To be honest, i was quite sceptical when i first read about it on your blog, especially when you mentioned about energy transfer being done all sounded to be too amazing until i tried it today!

My experience today:
I was actually having a nap when the healing started. The first surge of energy, it felt like my body was stretched, then not long after was a massaging sensation on the head.... and after that, intermitant surges of energy continued. It all felt like a very comfortable massaging. Then i felt into deep slumber. It was great nap and i have not slept this well for the longest time! (due to work stress and health issue).

I hope more people will benefit from this therapy. It's an experience that one has got to try to believe it!

Thumbs up for the therapy! I look forward to receiving the crystals and your advice on further healing. Can you also tell me what crystals i will need to enhance my overall well being? (i.e work,family life,health) 

~LittleBeanSprout (beansprout) 

Hi angels,

Crystal therapy was indeed great! Wow what an experience, when I closed my eyes I can see so many colours.
It was nice and relaxing. The colours makes me feel happy and calm. After 12hrs of therapy, now my body feel light and there is joy in me. Thanks for the therapy and I intend to do it again .
~Lyna (prettyme)

Gd morning Angels,
After the healing session on tuesday night, i can feel that i'm "lighter" in terms of on head and heart.
During the session, i can feel tingling sensation on my right head, left chest and right feet.. These should be the most used parts of my body these days...
I am also able to doze off faster after this and last night.


 I had my first remote crystal therapy today. I honestly could feel the drawing out of some energy from my body and completely fell into a blissful rest almost immediately! When the session ended, I woke up feeling uplifted, lighthearted and happy. What an experience! Who would have known that crystal therapy can be done remotely! ~ Daisy Teh