April Special DEALS!!

This is the month to get in touch with our emotional side and develop our intuitive skills. This is also a good month to make your dreams come true... DARE TO DREAM BIG!! Those who dare to dream will be the ones who believe in themselves.

As this month is in the MOON cycle, you might find yourself being more emotional than usual.

I recommend MOONSTONE to balance those emotional roller coasters and to get in touch with the feminine energy.

Shipping Via Normal Mail!

Moon Goddess.
Price: $58
Special DEAL: $50

Mini Moonstone.
Price: $78
Special DEAL: $58

Moon and The Sun Bracelet
Price: $88
Special DEAL: $70

Moonstone Necklace
Price: $110
Special DEAL: $98

I would also like to add a PROTECTION crystal: KYANITE

Simply FIll Me Up With Colors.Kyanite immediately releases any negativity you have absorbed.A very powerful crystal that it is good to have on or nearby.Price: $55
Special DEAL: $45

Fill My Aura With Colors
Price: $88
Special Deal: $75
* Limited Quantity!

To place an order, please email: Elyse@MyCrystalSparkles.com
Thank you and May all your Dreams come true!