For thousands of years and many civilizations have been using crystals in their healing work and included them as part of their live. The oldest legend goes back to the ancient times of Atlantis. The people of Atlantis were highly evolved and they used crystals extensively in their lives. It was said that this sacred knowledge was abused and Atlantis was destroyed. But before it was destroyed the wise one's of the civilization programmed certain crystals with the information and planted them in the earth. Knowing and trusting that the crystals would Re-surface on the planet to be attracted to the people who could attune their minds to receive the information stored within.

Crystals can be used to do healing, to energize and balance the energy of the bodies. Having them in your environment will bring in more beauty and light into your environment, they will charge and change and purify the area with loving energy and restore peace. Carry and/or wear the crystal to bring light and energy into your daily life. Especially if you constantly feel your energy being drained or there are negativity surrounding you. Good to use for meditation to absorb its healing properties. They also bring our particular qualities and open gateways to spiritual understanding.

Their subtle vibrations affect the physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual levels of the being.

Many Crystals have guardian angels who wants to work with you to use your crystals to its fullest potential. Meditating and attuning your crystals brings you to the highest crystal vibration and connecting you with the higher beings and to the Angelic Realms.