CARNELIAN grounds and protects you and drive away
all evil things. Bringing you a sense of peace by
dispelling envy, anger and hatred.
It has the ability to cleanse other crystals.

Opens up the HEART chakra, allowing connection
with one's inner self. Can be used to increase
one's physical energy.

It gives courage, promotes positive life choices and
motivates for success in business.
Helps you trust yourself and perception.
C1 Price: $55 sold out

AGATE is a stone of courage, longevity, truth,
protection, healing and self-confidence. Stabilizes AURA,
balances the YIN and YANG energy. A soothing and
calming stone. Enhance mental function by improving
concentration and analytical abilities. Encourage
to speak one's own truth.

Grounding stones are added: ONYX ( centering your energy,
strength giving and support in difficult circumstances
or stressful situations), SMOKEY QUARTZ (neutralizes
negative energy, relieves fear, lifts depression and brings
emotional calmness) and HERMATITE (harmonizes mind,
body and spirit. Dissolves negativity and prevents negative
energies from entering the AURA. Helps find inner-peace,
endurance and courage. Strengthens the HEART.
C2 Price: $55 sold out

IOLITE reduces FATTY deposits in the body and supports
detoxification and regeneration of the liver. Releasing
causes of addiction and elimination of debts. Helps to
accept responsibility.

Clears thought forms. Strengthens AURIC field and brings
harmony to oneself and relationships.
C3 Price: $60 sold out

This a 2-in-1 bracelet. SODALITE and ONYX.
SODALITE is a stone for logical and rational thinking.
Gives clarity and encourages self esteem and confidence. Calm panic
attacks, phobias, guilt fears. Helps you stay true to yourself
and stand up for your beliefs. Balances metabolism and cleansing the internal organs.
Beneficial to the immune system and throat.
Eliminates harmful rays from cellular phones and computers.

ONYX ( centering your energy,
strength giving and support in difficult circumstances
or stressful situations)
C4 Price: $55

This lovely piece is made of MOONSTONE, CLEAR QUARTZ
and PEARL beads.
MOONSTONE is known as a "stone of Purity" and
"a stone of new beginnings". It strongly connected to the moon and to the intuition.
It is used to enhance psychic abilities. Suffer fewer problems with
menstruation, fertility, childbirth and menopause.
Improves disorders of digestion and circulation.
Removes obstacles in one's path and a talisman for good fortune.

CLEAR QUARTZ is a master healer, the most powerful healing and
energy amplifier. Harmonizes and aligns energies. Heals negativity
and clears environment. Cancels out harmful radiation and increases
energy field. Can be used to destroy black magic and dissolve evil spells.

PEARLS are not gemstones but they are certainly precious.
But it is believed to enhance personal honesty and integrity, treat nausea and
other digestive problems. To improve fertility and also reduce the pains of childbirth.
C5 Price: $ 60 sold out

This is a beautiful piece of MOONSTONE which has a brilliant radiance.
Limited edition and only ONE of a kind.
C6 Price: $40 sold out

CLEAR QUARTZ nuggets enhanced with PEARL beads.
You may even find the brilliance of the rainbow in some crystal nuggets.
C7 Price: $45

This elegant piece is made of CORALS and BLACK AGATE.
Decorated with diamonte spacers (gold or silver).

This piece is the GOLD version.

CORAL symbolizes life and blood force energy.
It was believed to prevent ill fortune and offer protection to the skin.
Used as an aid to depression, lethargy and deficient nutrition.
BLACK AGATE attracts good fortune, increases concentration, clarity and has a calming effect. Overcomes fears, loneliness and eliminates bad luck.
It encourages fertility, helps with reproduction system and
it is an excellent stone during pregnancy.

This is the SILVER version.
C8 Price: $70

AQUAMARINE is a stone of courage and self knowledge. It calms, reduces stress
and quiets the mind. It has the ability to bring clarity of thought and perception.
Harmonizes the environment and protects against pollutants.
Balances the emotional and physical bodies. Shields aura and
aligns chakras. Helps people to be more tolerant and encourages responsibility.

Useful for sore throat, swollen glands and thyroid problems.
C9 Price: $58 sold out

This PINK bracelet promotes SELF love and attracts LOVE.
Rhodochrosite represents selfless love and compassion. Excellent stone
for the heart and relationships, especially for people who feels unloved.
Attracts soul mates, who help us learn our lessons in life. Encourages positive
attitude and creativity. Improves self worth.

Rose Quartz is a stone of Universal Love. Emits loving and calming energies.
Removes negativity and heals emotional pain. A stone that promotes LOVE
and friendship.
C10 Price: $50

LABRADORITE is linked to the sun and it promotes vitality and life.
It enhances intuition into intellectual thoughts and patience.
It is a highly mystical and protective stone. It deflects unwanted energies
from the aura and prevents energy leakage.
Relieves insecurity and apprehension.

C11 Price: $55 sold out

Rainbow TOURMALINE brings the mind, body and spirit (soul) into wholeness.
Excellent for inspiring creativity and enhanced imagination. Stimulates the
immune system and the metabolism. Removes blockages and diminishes fear.
Cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energies into lighter vibrations.
Good for people who suffer from aches and rheumatism.

Design ONE.
C12 Price: $45

Design TWO. (2-in 1)

C 12 Price: $70

Credits to THE CRYSTAL BIBLE by Judy Hall