Two bracelets in one that adds some
AM 1:Price: $70
Beautiful colour contrast that is not so boring!

AM 2 : Price: $55
Limited edition.
Only One piece available

AM 3: Price: $45 sold out
Clear quartz (to enhance the energy) and
Rose quartz is added to this fine piece

Daisy spacing added for a more vintage look

AM 4: Price: $40

Beautiful colour contrast in reality!
AM 5: Price: $45 sold out
Garnet is added to this piece to enhance the
feminine energy of this bracelet

Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with high spiritual vibrations. It also balances energies and protects the aura. It is said to promote happiness, love, healing, peace, courage, intelligence, justice, peaceful sleep , pleasant dreams and even successful business dealing. It also enhances memory and improves motivation.