Meet Elyse

Elyse is the "LOVE ATTRACTION" coach from She is also an intuitive healer, workshop facilitator and speaker in the field of Personal and Spiritual Development.  She is also known as the "Queen of Love Transformations " and a Messenger of LOVEHer expertise is to help women in their 30s get what they want by showing them why they are stuck and experiencing blocks with love and help clear them pretty quickly.  

Her clients usually experience an A-HA moment in 1 session. Elyse's work is about changing people's personal energy and thought process on the topic of love and then their life changes.

She believes that it's every woman's ultimate goal to love and be loved and live a purposeful life.  When a woman experiences and gets the love she desires, she is able to create miracles in her life. She becomes an alchemist. On the other hand, when a woman's life is blocked in love, it affects every area of her life.  She literally shuts down and experiences struggles in every area of her life.

Elyse is dedicated to empower every woman to.... "love life and live life the way you want it!"